Thursday, September 07, 2006

Operation Momentum, Social Engineering, and Dusty Attics

I am cursing at the moment because I have lost an article, which I found in the 'Birmingham Mail', which talked about a West Midlands Police campaign called 'Operation Momentum'. Part of the operation was to introduce Orwellian posters on Buses throughout the city of Birmingham to give people the impression that they are constantly under surveillance. The posters featured a close-up shot of two large eyes. In the article it said something on the lines of, 'psychological studies show that images of eyes in public make people more aware of surveillance.' When I read this I literally fell off my chair. Not only do they admit that there are social engineering studies taking place, but also they downplay the entire thing as if it's good for us. - Basic conditioning through the use of "fear". It also goes to show how much of George Orwell's 1984 is becoming a template for modern day society. Sadly though, most people have been conditioned to think that Winston Smith is an enemy (that's if they've even heard of the book) because "Big Brother" is our friend, he helps keep us safe from the evil al-CIA-duh terrorists and provide us with all the latest gossip and entertainment we need.

I also read another article which talked about how the city of Birmingham could be targeted by terrorists -- you know, those invisible, invincible, supernatural shadow people that like to hide in your cupboard, under your bed or in your dusty attic. I can't help but have visions of these supposed terrorists living in a James Bond-like secret mountain base in Afghanistan, complete with it's own monorail system. If you sincerely believe that the Government isn't behind all of this fear mongering and terrorist make-believe, then you need to start facing reality. The US spends billions and billions of dollars on surveillance/espionage technology, yet despite all of this, the main target for this technology isn't the man-at-large, Bin Laden and all of his cave-conspirators, it’s the American people. And now Bush tries to justify the use of NSA domestic spying by basically saying that it helps fight al-CIA-duh. Well if that's the case, why did you block those FBI agents from investigating the Bin Laden trail when you signed Presidential Directive W199I, Mr. Bush? Why were members of the Bin Laden family meeting in America prior to September 11th and then flown back when all aircraft had been banned from flight on that day?

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